Lending Solutions for Commercial and Residential Projects

Savoys Lending is a leading provider of short-term finance. Our team can provide you with a fast and effective solution for your finance and investment needs. We specialise in property development, refurbishment and bridging finance which we can turnaround faster than any other commercial finance provider.

Savoys Lending is a leading provider of short-term finance. Our team can provide you with a fast and effective solution for your finance and investment needs.









Managed Portfolios

Leading provider of short-term finance

We specialise in creating integrated lending solutions across the property investment lifecycle, encompassing acquisition, planning, development and sale.

Bridging Loan

We’re experts in securing quick-turnaround bridging finance with a commercial finance exit.

Development Finance

We provide development finance for commercial, residential and mixed-use projects.

Refurbishment Finance

This is an ideal product for property professionals refurbishing existing or new properties.

Bridging Loan

Short term finance can be used for a number of circumstances and can generally be arranged quickly.  We cover all circumstances and property types. Our approach helps ensure that we get the best rates in the market for your specific needs. We provide full support throughout the process, so that arranging and drawing down funds is as transparent and as smooth as possible.

Development Finance

Solutions to fund development projects ranging from a single unit build, conversions under permitted development rights to developing multi-unit sites. With loan sizes from £100,000 onwards we can cater to a wide variety of projects. Having a commercially driven decision making process ensures timely drawdowns, helping ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

We have experience with residential, commercial and mixed-use developments each of which has it own technicalities. Our experienced consultants have helped new and experienced property developers through senior debt, stretched senior debt with or without mezzanine and equity finance.

Refurbishment Finance

This is an ideal product for property professionals such as property developers, landlords and architects, who have the experience in delivering refurbishment projects for existing properties, or identifying new project opportunities. This product adds gross development value to the project, thereby maximising profits for the developer.

Property refurbishment finance can typically range from light to heavy refurbishment. This is funded by a short term loan.


We are committed to meeting our stakeholders needs.

Our values are what we believe in, what we stand for as an organisation. They are a guide to our behaviours and the way we work and are a cornerstone of the culture at Savoys.


We strive to deliver value and innovation for our developments and doing things the right way


We continuously want to attract and develop new skills. Be innovative, agile and constantly learning through collaboration of the best in the industry.

Our reviews speak for themselves

As a student finding something nice within the budget is extremely hard. But I am glad to say that I had the best experience with Savoys Properties. Sunny was extremely helpful and accommodating.

The whole experience was very pleasant and I’d recommend using their services any day. They are extremely professional and my whole process went really smoothly. I’m extremely grateful and thankful especially to Sunny.

Leann Pereira

4 Months Ago

I have used Savoys Developments who successfully sourced, project managed and built my 6 Bed HMO and I have now transitioned over to Savoys Properties who now fully manage my property.

I would recommend their services to other investors who are looking for a fantastic return with very little effort required. I was amazed with the teams knowledge and expertise and after seeing their progression on instagram of the last few years I have given it a shot with them and I haven’t looked back!

Luis Singh

4 Months Ago

I really like my en-suite as it is manageable and affordable for me as a student. I like the package they have offered me and their management is outstanding.

I haven’t had any problems living so far and if there has been an issue in past months they’ve been quick to resolve. I would highly recommend the living especially for international students!

Jiya najeeb

2 Months Ago

We have been working with Savoys Properties for some time offering them our Virtual Tour and Inventory services and they are one of our favourite clients.

They are one of the best developers in high end HMO and commercial conversions we have seen, they produce amazing quality spaces of which I have attached a few images to share.

If you are an investor looking to enhance your portfolio I would recommend speaking with the team at Savoys Properties who are dedicated in creating bespoke, high end and tailored made properties.

Mytoor Explore

2 Years Ago

I am a Litigation officer within the Commercial and Residential Property Industry and have been  for 15 years. I am a homeowner and own several properties myself. During the pandemic I was in search for weekday accommodation near my office. Savoys are the most Caring, Polite, Professional and Transparent property developers and Real Estate management company,  I have ever dealt with, personally and professionally. They provide a service that money cannot buy. From the Directors, the Management and Front Line staff and the contractors...truly truly Amazing....Savoys... Thank you so much   Quality at it’s best, you always have your tenants interest as 1st priority, that is rare in these times. ❤️🙏

Alpac Pacino

1 Year Ago

Over the past 4 years, I commissioned Savoys on projects to manage the sourcing , procurement, renovation and fit-out of 2 properties, converting them to 6-bed HMOs.

Thoroughly impressed by the excellent results they delivered, on time and on budget, I then opted for their services to fully manage these same properties.

Their management services have been equally professional, delivering quality tenants, minimising void periods and maintaining the HMOs to a high standard through a hands-on approach and an excellent network of local tradesman. Keep up the good work!

Jazz Bhangu

6 Months Ago
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We had over 200 people attend our Q4 2022 event! In collaboration with Shawbrook Bank & Saracens Rugby Club, we hosted our last event of 2022 at the beautiful StoneX Stadium. From the beginging we found to be successful in property you need to identify what you needed to do and who you needed to meet to make it happen. It was as simple as that!

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