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Watford Football Club

Watford FC are a premier league football club based in Watford, UK. As well as the Premier League team, Watford also have an amazing women’s team as well as the under 23 and under 18 teams.

The Savoys Group are proud to announce that for the 2021/2022 season we are official Business Partners of Watford FC.


CPC FInance

CPC Finance is a UK finance broker and packager that specialises in sourcing and packaging a range of property funding. This includes buy-to-let & commercial properties, auction investments, property developments and secured loans.

The Savoys Group have a longstanding working relationship with CPC Finance for many years and have officially made an exclusive partnership together. 

Octane Capital

Launched in May 2017, Octane Capital arrived backed by years of experience. Over the years they have completed some of the industry’s most tricky loans. They have lent well over £2bn across more than 4000 loans.

The Savoys Group have joined forces with this powerhouse lender, to launch and deliver a unique “Game Changer” offering to the market ready for investors.

Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP

Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP has been providing expert advice from its offices in the City of London, the West End, Manchester for over fifty years. They understand that their clients have built their reputation, and as such, they centre every aspect of work on their client’s experience. Foremost in achieving this are their three fundamental tenets always to be professional, responsive and competitive.

We have been working alongside RFB LLP for years now and have have built a strong relationship over these yeras, therefore, we decided to create an official partnership.


GVE London

GVE London is one of the leading independent suppliers of supercars and luxury cars. With full dealership facilities we are proud to stock premium marques such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley and many more.

The Savoys Group have exclusively partnered with GVE London to host some of our private client events.


Mytoor is an award winning specialist property management company based in West London. They provide unbiased reports for the ever increasing need of inventories in potential disputes, and Virtual tours which are an increasingly invaluable service across the residential and commercial sectors.

The Savoys Group have used the service of Mytoor for several years and have exclusively partnered up with them as part of our property marketing and management strategy.

HMO Magazine

The HMO Magazine is the UK’s number one source and the only magazine that focuses directly on the HMO Property market. The magazine provides practical information and news related articles, and advice on all aspects of HMO management, investing, selling, furnishing, accounting, tax strategy’s, utilities, insurances, legal requirements, mortgages, buying and selling tips and much more.

The Savoys Team have been regular contributor and official writers for the HMO magazine for numerous years and have partnered with the magazine for exclusive interviews and content.


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